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Skyrocket Your Calls, Clicks and Customers with The HERO Marketing System Designed Just For Auto Shops.

"You have to meet Chris to understand the power of what he is capable of doing to transform your shop. From making your website look and run amazing while bringing you into present / future with new tech. He makes your visibility jump up dramatically in no time. I have so many good things I can say about Chris' services, but I can't express it as well as he can. Do yourself a favor, take a meeting with Chris and your shop will get better, period."

Matt Ciaschini, Full Tilt


"Chris is an expert at Search Engine Optimization for auto shops. He really knows how to make body shops and mechanics rank at the top of Google search results and his ability to communicate strategy makes technical processes so much easier. His team's services go above and beyond what most agencies offer in this space and my clients are happy because they get so much more monthly content for their marketing budget."

Mike Ensor, Advertising Report Card


Full Tilt Testimonial

In 12 months, we helped Full Tilt Auto Body & Collision in West Hatfield, MA survive through COVID and a tragic structure fire that cost them over $1M worth of equipment and their entire facility. Now they have consistently hit the best months on record since they opened the doors in 2008! 

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Our System Is The Best Way to Get More Cars and Customers to Your Shop

More Calls.

The most important metric that we improve for your shop. More calls equal more customers. 

More Clicks.

Customers who visit your site and learn about your services are more likely to request an estimate. 

More Walk-Ins.

Customers who map out the route to your shop are highly motivated to do business with you. 


We Optimize Your Website & Google Listing

We fully optimize your website and Google listing to improve your rankings so more customers find your shop. 

We target keywords with low competition and high monthly traffic

We base our strategy on what will improve your rankings the fastest


We Implement Our Proven Marketing System 

Including monthly blogs, press releases, Google Engagement, and more, to get your shop ranking above competitors. 

We create hundreds of SEO-optimized content pieces per month

We create Blog Posts, press releases, niche articles and more


We Get Quick Wins with Automations 

We turn missed opportunities into new jobs with missed call text backs, automated estimate booking, referrals and review requests. 

Automations are the best way to maximize your marketing efficiency

We help you automate simple and repetitive customer service tasks


We Provide 100% Transparent Reporting

Every task that we complete for your campaign is reported to you when it's finished, including deliverables.

We report all tasks, showing you exactly how your budget was utilized

Weekly and monthly GMB reports include calls, clicks, search data, etc.

We share a monthly video update to review your campaign progress

autoshop heroes 5 stars


"Chris' marketing knowledge makes me super excited about growing my shop. He is very patient with me even though I don’t know much about websites or SEO. He always makes sure that I understand everything that’s going on with my campaign."

Client Testimonial 1


autoshop heroes 5 stars


"I have been working with Chris for over a year now, and I wanted to provide an update to my earlier review. I honestly think that AutoShop Heroes is the best choice that anyone could ever make for marketing. When you hire Chris you have an entire team behind you providing support and guidance when needed. He is incredibly responsive and answers my texts and emails with alacrity. He really is amazing!"

Client Testimonial 2


Frequently Asked Questions

The primary purpose of SEO is to rank your Google listing higher and wider in local search results.

It's all about properly structuring data to send powerful signals to Google that your listing deserves greater authority than your competitors.

The result is more appearances in the top 3 search results, more calls and more jobs.

SEO has little to do with:

• Branding

• Social media posts and influencer campaigns

• Paid ads and PPC campaigns

• Offline paid ads (newspapers, etc.)

• Events and promos

• Email campaigns

These types of marketing can continue unaffected. The ONLY conflict of interest would be if somebody is already performing SEO for you, at which point we would encourage you to give us a try!

Google pay-per-click (PPC) ads are a legitimate way to generate site traffic, but there are inherent disadvantages that we believe make SEO far more beneficial in most cases.


PPC Advantages:

• Instant visibility: Paid ads instantly get you into the 3-Pack and can result in a sales boost when done right. Unfortunately, running effective ads is much harder than it looks and there is a very good chance that inexperienced advertisers will spend a lot of money for little to no results. You can hire an agency to run ads for you, but your money will go further when invested in SEO.

• Located higher than search results: This advantage is quickly shrinking, as research shows that 70-80% of users skip over paid ads and go directly to search results.

SEO Advantages:

• Search results convert 5.66x better than PPC: People are well aware that anybody can run ads, significantly lowering their credibility. And let's not even get started on ads for that product you purchased three weeks ago!

• Search results are not affected by ad blockers: Over 25% of people use ad blockers and this number is steadily increasing, but search results will never be blocked.

• SEO is an investment in your business: Paid ads either make you money or you may as well have thrown that cash out the window. SEO adds value over time as your rankings increase. The money you dedicate towards SEO today will pay you back for years to come.

Our fully managed SEO services cover 1 physical location. e.g. if you have 5 shops, you will need 5 campaigns to optimize all of them.

Most of our multi-location clients start with a single location and once they see amazing results, expand services to include more locations.

We encourage you to start at the level you are comfortable with. We're confident you'll become a long-time client!

A consistent NAP is very important to local rankings. If your NAP details change during the course of our services, there will be a one-time fee of $500 required to update any work that has already been completed. 

Unfortunately not. Verification requires you to enter a code on your listing dashboard that is mailed to your physical location by Google. We require a verified GMB listing before we can begin our work. To find out how to verify your business, check out the Google article on the topic Here. 

At the end of each month, you will be provided with links to your monthly deliverables, which contains all content and backlinks that our team has created for your campaign.